Voor spoed zijn wij 24 uur per dag bereikbaar op 0488 48 29 00 | Contact

Voor spoed zijn wij 24 uur
per dag bereikbaar op
0488 48 29 00 | Contact

International equine hospital

Lingehoeve Diergeneeskunde is an equine referral hospital in The Netherlands. The clinic was originally founded in 2000 as a general practice for all species. Currently, the equine section of the hospital has a large team of veterinarians including board certified specialists. The equine section has a robust international network for consultation of specialists worldwide.

The hospital serves as a regional referral center for many practices and is well known for the implementation of the latest treatments and diagnostic techniques in equine medicine. The hospital has diagnostic imaging capabilities that include digital radiography, high resolution ultrasound, nuclear scintigraphy and contrast enhanced computed tomography. These techniques are used on a daily basis for diagnosing locomotor pathology.

The veterinarians at our hospital perform in-depth pre-purchase examinations (PPE) for (inter)national clients. In our state of the art accommodation we are able to perform all examinations inside, including ridden exams.


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Quality and innovation. Those are the keywords of Lingehoeve Diergeneeskunde. Our team consists of dedicated veterinarians and paraveterinarians, each with their own area of expertise. Everyone is up-to-date on the latest developments. More.

At our head clinic we offer multiple disciplines such as equine surgery, diagnostic imaging like digital radiography, ultrasound, scintigraphy and contrast enhanced computed tomography. More.

At the Lingehoeve we distinguish two types of examinations, the pre-purchase examination and the orthopedic examination. More coming soon.


Find out more about the latest news and developments in the horse industry and at our clinic. More.

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